A Complete Guide to Selecting a Probate Attorney

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The Florida intestate succession law, which is the statutory process for allocating an estate when a person passes away without a will or trust, can be navigated with the assistance of a competent probate attorney. This can be a difficult and drawn-out process, so you should work with a lawyer who has handled many instances similar to this.

Probate cases are handled by the law office of Odelia Goldberg. It provides services to customers in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and the neighboring districts. The combined experience of its team of attorneys in the industry exceeds ten years. It can also help you settle estate planning issues involving estate taxes and property transfer.

Attorney Brendan Davis is a probate attorney in Broward County, Florida. She specializes in helping clients prepare a will that meets their needs and desires. She can also provide guidance on complex trust matters, including Testamentary Trusts and Domestic Asset Protection Trusts. She can also represent clients in litigation regarding trust/probate matters and will contests.

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A lawyer with more than 20 years of expertise is among the top Probate Attorneys in Broward County. Numerous people and families have benefited from Larry Tolchinsky’s assistance with estate planning and probate matters. His group can assist you with identifying assets, acquiring death certificates, creating inventory lists and final accountings, paying estate taxes, and allocating assets to beneficiaries in the Florida probate procedure. If the estate is worth less than $75,000, The Law Offices of Tolchinsky can also help you with the Florida summary administration procedure.

Another option is the Law Offices of Reinfeld & Cabrera. This full-service firm in Coral Springs has been providing legal assistance for individuals and families for more than 30 years. Its lawyers can guide you through the estate planning and probate process, including resolving disputes in courts. They can help you resolve issues involving accusations of duress and exploitation of the elderly.

A probate attorney can help you through the complicated legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person. They can help you get death certificate copies, find a will, and determine owned assets. They can also help you with filing administration petitions and collaborating with investment advisors to wrap up the involved estate. They can even handle disputes in court if necessary. They may also draft a will and trust for you. They will take into account the state and federal tax consequences of your plans.

Legal aid is offered to residents of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas by FloJam Legal, LLC. Your legal team can assist you with the probate procedure, which include making sure executors are aware of their authority and carrying out particular administrative duties. They can also assist you with handling obligations and debts, as well as filing your inheritance claim. They can also offer you advice on the pros and disadvantages of certain estate planning choices, including wills and trusts.