The Impact of a Family Attorney on Your Life

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Divorce is a complex matter. A family lawyer will help you understand your rights and guide you through the process. In Beverly Hills, there are several attorneys who can handle divorce and other family law issues. Find the best one for your needs by looking at their background, education, and experience.

The Law Offices of Allie Weinstein, Inc., empowers individuals and families in Beverly Hills by providing legal services for matters involving divorce, domestic violence, and restraining orders. Its divorce lawyers are experienced in handling custody battles and property division. They are also qualified to represent clients in adoption cases and other related concerns. The firm’s attorneys are certified by the California Board of Family Law.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that defines the assets and responsibilities of two parties before they marry. It protects a spouse’s rights in the event of a divorce by outlining what property will be inherited by the other party and how debts will be shared. A Beverly Hills prenuptial agreement attorney will ensure that the contract is valid in court and that it benefits both parties.

Family attorneys are trained to deal with sensitive issues such as child custody and spousal support. They can also assist their clients in drafting trusts and estate plans. Some attorneys have specific expertise in particular areas of family law, such as domestic violence and LGBT rights. They can also assist their clients in finding childcare and domestic partnership options.

An experienced Beverly Hills divorce lawyer is an advocate for their client. They will work hard to settle the case out of court, but they are also prepared to fight for their client’s rights in court if necessary. They will review all relevant documents and evidence to prepare for a trial. They will also advise their clients about how to deal with the emotional impact of a divorce. Click here to contact the #1 Divorce Attorney in Beverly Hills, CA.

If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in Beverly Hills, consider hiring one with a good track record and extensive knowledge of family laws. Some of these attorneys are members of the American Academy of Family Law Specialists and have been designated Super Lawyers by their peers. Others have been certified as family law specialists by the state bar association.

The Law Offices of Irene Intelligator handles various family law cases, including divorce proceedings. Its Beverly Hills divorce attorneys are experienced in handling family issues like restraining orders, parenting and custody agreements, and property valuations. Its staff is bilingual in English and Russian. The firm has been in business since 1986.